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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a Choice

One of the things I love about yoga (but often forget to do) is set an intention. To have a focus on something that's important. Over the weekend this came up because I realized I'm doing so many things with the wrong intention.

I'm running to lose weight rather than running (okay speed walking) because I enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I love playing Runner 5 on the Zombie Run Game. But my intention was set on weight loss rather than enjoying the exercise. The same is true for weight lifting. Weird as it sounds, I honestly enjoy pumping iron. But not when I do it only with the intent to lose weight.

I love food, but not when I analyze every bite wondering if this will wreck some imaginary health kick.

I love writing, but not when I agonize over every word wondering if I'm wasting my time and worrying about whether writing will make it possible to send four kids to college (the answer is NO by the way - writing is not a career with wealth attached).

With the wrong intentions even something you love will go wrong. If you focus on the wrong aspect of something you love, it taints it, destroys it, bleeds the joy out of something that should make you happy.

So, mid-New Year's resolution here, I'm trying to reset my intentions. I'm writing because I love telling stories, and it's so much easier to tell the stories out of a place of love and joy and a desire to share the wonder. I'm trying to look at food as something to enjoy. I've blogged about my struggles with this before, so feel free to gently remind me if it seems like my intentions are off.

I'm trying to find joy in the spring - there are flowers! - and see the good in each moment. I'm living intentionally one day at a time.


  1. I used to have a sign by my bed so it was the second thing I saw as I got up. "Today is the first day of the rest of your Life. Make it a good one." It reminded me to let go of the past and to enjoy the day ahead. Eventually, I got so that I didn't need the sign.

    Our snow is now mostly gone so Spring has finally arrived. So when I look out the window I can see the trees and grass coming back. Going to be a while before we get flowers though.

    Facing each day with good intent and intentions is a habit worth making. Use whatever aids you need - signs, pictures, reminders from friends and family, etc. You'll be happier with Life overall when it becomes a habit.

  2. I realigned my entire career path (a few times really) for similar reasons.