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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Dreaded Birthday Post

I'm thirty-one today (thanks, Mom!) and with the birthday comes introspection, and new goals, and a review of what I've done in the past year and - I'll be honest - the last year has kind of been a blur. Without going into the nitty gritty classified details of my life it's hard to explain the past year. There really aren't any highlights.

Lowlights maybe? Low points? Bad days and really bad days and days where I hoped there wouldn't be a morning because I wasn't sure I could handle a bad day. It's been a knock-out fight and I feel like I've been the punching bag for the whole thing.

Year Thirty: Not as fun as advertised.

In a lot of ways I don't think I've changed at all. I always have been and always will be a Geek who loves everything in the ocean, is a little obsessed with sci-fi, loves to asks questions, believes in God and evolution equally, and who thinks that the most important things in life aren't things at all. To an outsider I am perfectly average looking: average height, weight, and phenotype for a Terran. If you dumped a picture of the world's people into a program I'd be that baby.

I feel like I should insert a rousing speech here, or some nugget of hard earned wisdom. After some serious pondering...

Life is exactly what you make it.

You don't get to pick which building blocks you start with. You don't get to set the rules. You don't get to complain when someone else swipes half your blocks, or kicks over your tower, or punches you in the face and leaves you with nothing.

Fighting back is pointless. Because the point isn't to have the most blocks it's to build the best life with what you have. If more blocks and opportunities fall into your path, that's a nice bonus, but taking away from other people is always wrong. 

At thirty-one I'm average. I was born average. I'll probably die average.

But I won't live average.

You can't. There is no such thing as an average life. Every single person is rare and unique. They each have their own story. They are each in your life to give you some gift only they will ever hold. Everyone is extraordinary.

So, tonight we celebrate extraordinary. Dinner starts at six. There will be cake and quite possibly fresh shrimp. For all of you who have not crossed the line into full-time Liana Stalking there is a party here with giveaways and prizes to be had. Sock Dreams gift certificates or a Book Depository shopping spree, your pick!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Socks all around!

    1. I like to eat my mom's mint-chocolate cake and then not have to clean up afterwards.

    2. That sounds yummy, do you have the recipe?

  2. I like having family over, opening presents and just hanging out together. :)

  3. "We're all stories in the end." ~ the Doctor, Doctor Who

    Happy birthday. May it be anything but average.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day and a fun party and don't worry too much about the minions. :)

  5. Happy birthday! And yes, every single person is rare and unique. I like how you put that. I think that's another reason why it's so fun to write characters and why they cease to amaze us all despite the fact that basic plots seem to be recycled over and over.