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Friday, February 1, 2013

You are a wonderful person...

... and you deserve to read something fun because you made it through this long, hard week without going absolutely bonkers.

Amber Kallyn (@AmberKAllyn) asked for a snippet of some urban fantasy, which made me really dig into my files. I've played with UF before, but never finished any novels there. This is from ANNA DAMNED, the first book in a series I have outlined but not finished. Let me know what you think of the opening page...

My feet ached, the kid was screaming, and the Prince of Darkness was chasing me. Not literally running after me, but looking for me. I could tell. Little things gave him away. Like the six missed calls on my cell phone, all from him.

I scooped up Arial, the four-year-old who was having a nuclear meltdown in the living room. “Sweetie, what’s- “ She threw up on me.

Clean living. Chaste and pure thoughts. I’ve even done charity work and what do I get? Puked on by my baby. No sex, just puke. That’s the life of a damned soul.

Smiling at the little angel who now needed a bath and clean pajamas (after I’d changed my shirt) I tried to remember just what happened to good ol’ whatshername, the one who cursed my immortal soul. I wish I could remember her burning at the stake at moments like this, but I think she found true love and unending happiness with a priest who had second thoughts about the whole celibacy thing.

That was the second century AD. Things were wilder than. In twenty-first century suburbia gypsy spells bring you wealth and money over the internet, souls are a kind of currency for a popular online game, and people try to damn others every day of the week, including the Sabbath.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the twenty-first century. Running water? Indoor lighting? Tampons? Love! It!
I love that no one even considers looking to see if my soul is actually, you know, the soul that goes with this body. Because, I’ll be honest, it isn’t. My first body died forever ago. The current body is a loner. A gift, really. The woman who used to run this circus was named Anna Daumed.