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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coming Soon...

It's a desperate game, but that's the only kind the Vaun siblings know how to play. Trapped on the event horizon of a black hole, dismissed by their only hope of rescue as To Useless To Risk It, and in constant danger of being crushed Cati Vaun and her brother Raul have schemed up an idea to generate interest in their little pocket of the galaxy. On the far edge of the solar system, safe from the drag of the black hole, is a science station. The scientists are looking into the abyss, trying to find light in the darkness.

Cati is writing a story, creating a fake world and beaming the information in fits and spurts to the scientists.

The scientists are excited, they think they've made first contact with an alien species. Cati is excited, if a science vessel ventures this far she won't die before she turns nineteen. Raul is scared, because the scientists aren't picking up only Cati's transmissions. Something is coming through the black hole, and the Vaun siblings are humanity's first line of defense.

This winter The Abyss Waves Back.


  1. "with eager to find something". The black hole may have swallowed a word or two.