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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Week Of Playing Catch Up

My house may be cursed. Or possibly haunted by the kind of spirit that just likes to break major appliances. Or maybe I just buy the cheapest stuff on the market and it's designed to break three weeks after the warranty expires. Who knows.

Whatever the case, last week was a black hole of nonfunction-ing-ess ... something like that.

Everything broke! Including me!

Cars (plural), dish washer, washing machine, dryer, Very Ancient Laptop, everything. Between sick kids, broken appliances, and a sick me very little got done (although we did have the obligatory turkey dinner).

Do you know what a house full of six people looks like after a week of no clean laundry? A week, I'm forced to add, that involved two flooding incidents as we tried to fix the stricken washing machine? It is not a pretty site, my friends. Not pretty at all.

A new washer and dryer are arriving Friday. I blew my allotment with Santa to get them, but it means clean sheets. CLEAN SHEETS! You have no idea how important this is until a preschooler who's been playing in the sand pit crawls in your bed and wipes snot on your pillow. I only have one spare set of sheets!

Today, I have a sick kid, a million errands to run and the rest of the house to clean. Plus all those books. They need finishing. I've been avoiding THE END for months now on all my projects. We probably need to have a chat about this. I'm sure hiding from THE END means something...

Anyway, I'm taking a week off the blog and semi-off the internet. Quitting Twitter entirely is unlikely, and I have to check my email for pesky work reasons (people can be so demanding!), but generally speaking I'm going into hiding until I finish off at least one of the projects that's on my desk.

I'll leave the lights on here and drop by as soon as I have some exciting news. Meanwhile... #PitchMas! #PitchWars! Get your pitches in!

Love ya!


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  2. Hi Liana, Long time no comment. Been busy moving out of my shop, mainly cause I had to build a place to move to. Having read your story. You might want to have someone check your wiring in your house. With that many electrical things going at once,it sounds to me like you could have a short that is causing a power surge. If the power company has a bad transformer on your line it could happen. It might even be covered under insurance. Better to be safe than sorry. Not trying to freak you out, but that does seem a bit odd. Anyway have a Happy Holiday....

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