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Monday, October 22, 2012

The best laid plans...

I had this Monday blocked out for making phone calls, writing a few more chapters of Heroes and Villains Book 3, and starting the edits for EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN. And then my children announced last night that they had the day off from school.

Kids on vacation... Imagine a peaceful library where you've gone to scribe your latest masterpiece and commune with the Muses. Now unleash all the forces of hell on that library...

Not only do you have a plot for at least one Lisa Shearin's book (which was a very enjoyable read - thank you) but you also have utter and complete chaos the like of which no man has seen before, at least not since August. And on top of all that, I have a possibly-broken-pinkie finger thanks to Dog who needed to chases something small in the field last night while I was walking him, and DH didn't get the secret code when I wrote in an email that I was sleeping in, so he called at 7 and woke up the fussy baby.

I think I've earned a DO OVER. Don't you?

Get back to bed, folks. Monday has been canceled.

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