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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moving Forward, Rough Draft Angst, and Pitch Contests

JANE DOE is, officially, out in the perilous Land o' Query. Even knowing that I probably won't hear anything for months I'm running for my in-box. You never know!

Anyways, no more JANE DOE snippets, spoilers, or anything else until I have some good news for you. That means I should zip my lip until I either have an agent, or a signed contract with an editor at one of the smaller houses. I know a few of your are sighing in relief now because JANE DOE has been all I've talked about for the past two weeks. Everybody take a deep breath, and let's move on...

...too Heroes and Villains Book 3!

"But wait!" you cry. "Whatever happened to Book 2? Is that out now? Can I buy that fabulous gem of a superhero novella that so fills my hours with longing?"

No, not yet. EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN is in time out with the editing notes, and it's staying there until at least next week. This week is too crazy and I need some down time between edits. When I first started writing I was told to take a few weeks off from writing every time I finished a book. I've never followed that advice, but I do let projects sit between editing bouts. Time gives me objectivity.

Which means this week is going to be filled with Rough Draft Angst as I sketch out the bare bones of Heroes and Villains Book 3... the one without a title. SPOILER! This is Rage's book, set about 20 years after Book 2, the last five books in the series follow the kids as they grow up and choose their side.

Okay, spoilers are done. You can read now.

In other news, JANE DOE made it into the second round of the Hook, Line, and Sinker pitch contest! Yay! thank you to everyone who gave my feedback on FaceBook, Twitter, the blog, and CC. I really have the best cheer squad and fans in the world. You guys rock!

I'm not sure if round two means getting Jane in front of an agent, but I'm very, very excited!

How are you doing?


  1. You're moving right along! I wish you luck with the querying!

    1. I figure I've worked with a small press, and I've self-published, now it's time to try an agent and a larger press. I need data!

      But I didn't put that in my query because no one wants to feel like a science experiment. *puts out cookies for any agents who might stalk me because of the queries*

      *tries not to look insane*

  2. Congrats on making it into round 2 of #HLandS! And good luck with your querying=)

  3. I've got the same thing going. Small press, self-pubbed now need an agent, yanno to get the movie deal. *sigh* Good luck to you!