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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jane Doe And Other Mysteries Of Life

What's going on with JANE DOE?

JANE is undergoing some radical surgery right now. The finished draft is near perfect, but I still don't like the opening chapter. The GUTGAA pitches and comments convinced me that - while the roach scene is accurate - it's not the best opening possible. After reading this weekend I'm forced to agree.

I liked that roach scene, darnit! But it's moved now.

However, I didn't change it for the GUTGAA agent pitches. I did fix up the query with the help of the fabulous Misa Buckley (she writes SFR and Steampunk romance - I'm sure you've read all her books - right?). Go check out the new query on the Hanging On to Wonder blog and tell me what you think.

For those who are eagerly awaiting Tabitha's book, EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN, things are looking very good. As a teaser, I'll be putting up lines from EHNAV on Twitter this week. Look for the hashtag #WIPfire.

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