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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Help a Library Out

"This is the fiction section at Manchester K-8 on the Northside. Sheila May-Stein, who has just been hired as a PPS librarian for multiple schools including Manchester reports, "I kid you not. They literally have about 40 books in their fiction section that are semi-usable-- and this is a K-8 school." She said she is "Feeling overwhelmed and despondent when I see pictures of ipad labs and brand new books and all the other privileges white suburban kids have when I compare it to what the kids at this school have. They are learning every day that they aren't worth clean, fresh paint and unstained carpets and books that aren't 65 years old."

We can change this situation right now, this week. We are starting a book donation drive -- perhaps make Manchester your new library-sister-school? The kids need FICTION only, appropriate for kids in 2nd-8th grade in GREAT condition. All donations can be dropped off on Sheila's porch in Squirrel Hill (5701 Solway Street) or, boxed up, and sent to Manchester Elementary, labeled for the Library. You can also check out the Amazon Wish List for Manchester if you prefer to send them something new." - From the FaceBook page.


   The love of books starts young. There are schools with iPads and computers, and then there are schools like this. Ones where the shelves are neglected. You can fix that. Find a children's book, it doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to be a classic, it doesn't have to be new... but shake the change out of the couch and send this library a book.


Manchester Elementary School, 1612 Manhattan Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15233 Attn: Library 


  1. I'm going to ask a 'Duh' question : How do you look up someone's amazon wishlist?

    1. On the right hands side there's an option to look up a wish list. I found the public library listed, but not the school library. If you find it before I do, can you give me the link to post here?

    2. I couldn't find it, but I'm going to talk to some teachers/ other PTO members at my son's school and see how they feel about doing a 'sister school' type thing. Our PTO hasn't set a goal for the year, so that may be something that we can do :)

    3. That's a really good idea. I may suggest it to my PTO too. I'm not sure if we have a goal or not.

  2. I sent a link of this post to WiDo Publishing, who often ships new books to schools like this.