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Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy launch day to Ilana Waters and The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt

Now, mid-grade isn't my wheelhouse and I normally don't host MG or YA promotions on my blog because you aren't here to read about them. But... the author is a friend and this is a book my girls would read, so I'm sharing.


Ten-year-old Stanley Delacourt loves his quiet life in the peaceful village of Meadowwood. At least, he does until his best friend is killed. Then the town library—where Stanley lives and works—is burned to the ground. The individuals responsible for both tragedies are a nasty group of soldiers. They work for the kingdom’s new leader: Christopher Siren.

No one understands the rules Siren’s creating. They don’t know why breaking them means death, or why the leader is so keen to destroy books. And no one can figure out where the former queen and king disappeared to—or if they’ll ever return.

With the grown-ups too fearful to take action, Stanley vows to confront Siren. He plans to get answers and demand justice. Little does he know that his journey will involve sword-wielding knights, kidnapper fairies, and dark magic.

Stanley has only two allies back home. One is an intimidated witch named Meredith. The other is a young apothecary called Sophie—who may have enchantment problems of her own. Can they help him discover the reason behind Siren’s crimes and end this terrible reign? Or is Stanley set to become the next victim in the tyrant’s evil plot?

If you enjoy the fantasy works of Rick Riordan, Lemony Snicket, or Philip Pullman, then explore the world of Stanley Delacourt!


Ilana is having a giveaway on her blog that includes a $100 Barnes and Noble gift certificate, so hop on over and say hello. Just think.... $100 worth of new books! That should last you until the end of the week at least!


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  2. OMG...Dude! DUDE! You totally surprised me with this post! I didn't know you were going to plug me.

    *Deep breath, Ilana. Act professional*

    Thank you so much, Liana. Your support means a lot. And although I don't read a lot of romance, your "Even Villains Fall in Love" was terrific. Buy it today, people. If you don't like it, Stanley will eat his library card. ;-)