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Friday, June 8, 2012

#SFFSat - Game Changes

Welcome back to Science Fiction and Fantasy Saturday! Make sure you check out all the other posts when you're done here!

*forget anything you saw earlier*

How's that for a Jedi mind trick?

I mixed up posts for the past two weeks and an out-of-order post showed up before I remembered to fix it. So, if you saw anything from DUNGEON CRAWL just forget about it. The real snippet for this week is from EVERY HERO NEEDS A VILLAIN, book two of the Heroes and Villains series. There are dual story lines in EHNAV, the present day which takes place just after the events of EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE where Tabitha is questioned about her absence from the superhero world, and the When We Met storyline that gives Tabitha a chance to explain why she fell in love with a villain.

In this snippet Tabitha is sent to guard a very expensive necklace and finds that Dr. Charm is already at the auction. Katrina is her handler/boss.

"Tabitha, do you have any idea what time it is?"

"No, I'm so sorry, I need to report in. Doctor Charm is here."

"What?" Katrina screeched.

"I went to dinner and I saw Doctor Charm. He was at a cafe not a mile from the hotel."

"Are you sure?"

"As sure as I can be without a DNA test!"

"Did you talk to him?"

"No!" What was I supposed to say? Sorry about your arm, want to make out again? By the way, I love how you kiss, can we forget about that whole dead minion thing? Hi! Remember me? We wrecked your lab together, or I wrecked it, but we kissed afterward so that makes it okay.


  1. LOL I can just see the sarcasm dripping from this snippet. Good stuff!

  2. I really do love these characters. Looking forward to this one!