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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Other Realm - Guest Post by Deatri King-Bey

We have a special guest today, author Deatri King-Bey has graciously agreed to stop by and talk to us about her latest book.

There I was, sitting in the courtyard at work, minding my own self’s business as I usually do, when a huge Canadian goose decided to hop his happy butt onto the opposite end of the bench I was sitting on. For those of you not familiar with Canadian geese, they can be very mean during nesting season. Who am I kidding; they can be mean at any time. Anywhooo, there I was, me and the goose. No bird would bully me. I didn’t care how big it was. But not one to start a fight, I jokingly said something on the lines of, “You’d better keep your feathered butt on that end of the bench or there will be a problem.”

What would you do if a goose spoke to you? After I finished freaking out, I’d seek psychological help. But what if it turned out the goose actually spoke and there were more creatures like him who wanted you to return to a realm you don’t think you’ve ever been. Not just any realm, but a realm where the goose is a warrior, the talking alligator is a dragon and the raccoon is a war horse. Yep. Break out the padded cell because I’d be a prime candidate for it. Thank goodness the padded cell wasn’t needed (not yet anyway), but Aurora, the heroine from The Other Realm, still wanted her story told.

Next thing you know I was writing Aurora and Tahlan’s (the goose and hero of The Other Realm) story.

So there you have it. How I, a multi-published published author of romance and women’s fiction, became a fantasy romance author. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Here’s a little more about The Other Realm...

The Other Realm: Aurora never fit in and preferred the fantasy world she created for a video game to her own. In her fantasy world she’d found love and acceptance. Then one day a goose spoke to her, and she knew she had spent too much time in her fantasy world. Though she knows she must be crazy, a longing to “return home” compels her to listen to the goose and open a portal to another realm. Now Aurora must work with the man of her dreams—a warrior she’d thought was a result of her vivid imagination—to save both realms.

Tahlan is a warrior and warriors can’t fall in love. No matter how much he desires to make love to Aurora, no matter how much his heart tells him she’s the one, he can’t allow anyone to learn of his feelings for her. His love for her could lead to her death, and that’s the one pain he could not bear.

Purchase The Other Realm from Amazon ($2.99), which is free for borrow to Amazon Prime members and coming to print soon.

Thank you so much, Liana, for allowing me to visit and tell everyone a little about The Other Realm.

Deatri King-Bey


  1. It sounds like a wonderful book! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog!

  2. Thank you for having me Liana. It was fun.