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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pro Tips...

... because some times you need advice from the pros.

- Laundry + Kool-aid = Bad Idea... especially red Kool-aid and white socks.

- Gates are usually closed for a reason. Keep that in mind before you open a gate. Especially if it says "Beware of Dog"

- Infants will sometimes laugh hysterically for no known reason. This is all the warning you're going to get from the adorable little tyrants. Run in fear.

- You granddaughter may love it when you turn the water on at the water park portion of a playground at 9am on a chilly morning, all the other parents there with toddlers will kill you. Those strollers are good for more than moving babies.

- Hiding the candy from a toddler won't work. Neither will the baby locks. And, no, hiding it in the car won't work either. A candy-starved toddler on the scent of sugar is worse than a zombie horde with Reavers as back up. The only safe thing to do is not buy the candy.

- Generally speaking, telling the reader the ending of the book in the back-cover blurb is a Bad Idea. But, you never know, people still went to watch that Titanic movie.

- Children who can't read can't do laundry. They mistake things for soap, like Kool-aid, because Kool-aid and soap look very similar when you're two.

And, as my very last thought for the blog today.... "Toddler and Kool-aid in the same room together! What a Bad Idea!!!!"

How was your morning?


  1. Head butt from the two year old = busted lip. We're teaching him to not hit people, so this was his solution.

    Liana, you make me laugh. So much.

  2. I have a fat lip from the Booble Head. She was trying to sit up, and missed. :P