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Monday, March 5, 2012

Why I never want to write a memoir...

I'm never going to write a memoir. My life has been one of boredom. "She got up. She ate food. She breathed air. She went to sleep... or not, depending on if the Baby Bunny was screaming or not."

See! No one wants to read a bio like that. I could mention the Shark Bite Incident, but you really can't claim street cred when the shark is a 18 inch horn shark and the bite looks like a minor paper cut.

rar rar rar... I'm going to mildly abrade your skin...

It's just not a good story. So, in true Liana fashion I'm winging it. I tried "Liana Brooks is a nice person with cool socks. Go buy her book." but the Tweeps shot me down. And here I thought brevity was the soul of wit!

Here's Take 512. What do you think?

Liana Brooks was born in San Diego, California. Years later she was disappointed to learn that The Shire was not some place she could move to, nor was Rider of Rohan an acceptable career choice. Studying marine biology so she could play with sharks seemed to be the only alternative. After college Liana settled down to work as a full-time author and mother because logical career progression is something that happens to other people. When she grows up, Liana wants to be an Evil Overlord and take over the world.

In the meantime, she writes sci-fi and SFR in between trips to the beach. She can be found wearing colorful socks on the Emerald Coast, or online at www.lianabrooks.com.

Photo part of Wikimedia Commons. Special thanks to photographer Ed Bierman.


  1. You would be surprised how interesting your life is. A good read is "Who Moved My Buddha." I think it is a neat blog and she writes mostly about her life experiences. Touched my heart with a couple of them. The fact you have socks with holes in them shows you tend to be a bit sentimental, or do not like going barefoot. Thanks for the recipe will try soon.

  2. You left out breeding your own minions because every Evil Overlord needs minions.

    I admit the best bio I've seen is George R.R. Martin's LJ bio...I write.

  3. Love it. Humorous bios are my favorite. :)

  4. Ric - I'll check it out. :o)

    Ilnara - I was trying not to scare anyone!

    Jean- Thanks. :o)

  5. Scare anyone? Well, I suppose that could scare some people, but they deserve to be scared so they will accept your inevitable domination.


    I plan on conquering the universe and have been busy recruiting my minions for years now. Amazing what some baked goods and a demonstration of understanding can achieve. I can include you in my plans. Yes, yes, I can. Especially since you come with four more minions. LOL.