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Monday, January 23, 2012

Deadline Met!

Excuse me while I collapse into a babbling heap of brainless babbling. The edits for EVEN VILLAINS FALL IN LOVE are done and off to the editor.

People, never ever EVER schedule a deadline to coincide with your due date. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I've done something this crazy, and I've done some pretty crazy things over the years. But spending the last twelve hours doing a final read through checking for new typos while I time contractions and wondering if I'll have to finish the manuscript while I'm at the hospital? That's a new kind of crazy.

On the bright side, several of my regular readers, friends, and Tweeps have survived to the final round of editing. As have a few inside jokes that only I may appreciate. I should probably make blog buttons or t-shirts for the survivors: I Survived A Liana Brooks Novel!!!

As an added bonus, trying to figure out some tricky back story for EVFIL led me to start writing the full story of how the main characters met. With any luck, you may see this (currently untitled) project someday. I'm having a lot of fun playing with this superhero universe and I might just stay awhile.

Cover Art Reveal for EVFIL Coming Soon!


  1. Well done, Liana. Good for you. I love the title, by the way.

  2. Blech. I just did something very similar with my new novel. BUT, you got it done! Yay!

  3. Wulfie - Thanks :o)

    Liz - I hope you'll love the book just as much!

    JKA - ... You had a deadline with a baby and didn't tell me it was a Bad Idea? Why didn't you warn me?!?!?!

    Pippa- *does the happy dance*

  4. It's a great feeling to finish, aye! Congrats!