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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Burning a Hole in Time

I love it when a plan comes together!

In this case, I've been searching for the perfect mechanism to explain part of JANE DOE and JANE'S SHADOW, namely the machine everyone wants to use and that Sam winds up dismantling (temporarily). And thanks to our (semi-)reckless friends in Europe a laser capable of ripping apart the fabric of space/time in search of extra dimensions is being built!

The Extreme Light Infrastructure Ultra-High Field Laser is a grouping of ten lasers that will produce 200 petawatts of energy. I'm not sure what the Death Star produced to blow up a planet, but any evil genius worth his diabolical laugh is looking at the ELI project with interest.

Will it work? I haven't seen the original plans and don't know enough about lasers to venture a guess.

Will it destroy the Earth and all life as we know it? Call it a gypsy's intuition, but I'm going to say no. The laser is producing a ton of energy, but only in a short burst and a confined pin point area. I don't recommend stepping in front of the laser, but if you stay an arm's length or better away you should escape unscathed.

What if the Gypsy's Intuition is wrong? That, dear reader, is what we have the wonderful realm of fiction for. After all, in what reality am I ever wrong?

Enjoy your scheming!

P.S. A gold star to anyone who knows where that opening quote comes from!

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  1. I find it very ironic that I ran across a trailer to MIB3 and they have Will jump of a building to go back in time... http://amzn.to/vhMB3u and then, someone comes up with this laser...Pretty much the same reason they broke the time stream in my story...The coincidences here are just too many for my liking. I think the government has been reading my books and stealing my ideas...