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Thursday, November 3, 2011

What should I work on next?

JANE DOE is headed off to the beta-readers tomorrow. It's on the tenth draft and (I think) nearly ready to query. That means I have a few weeks of downtime while my beta-readers pick apart every flaw.

During that time I can't work on the rest of the JANE series, and it's probably best if I get away from the genre entirely. But I do need a project. Something with fewer ambiguous characters. Something that can stand alone.

Here's what's in the hopper, let me know what you'd like to see snippets from in the near future:

POISON - SFR novella (first draft) - Elin Drakana is an assassin never more out of place than she visits the space station Venus Ascendant, a pleasure palace for the rich and powerful. She's there as a bodyguard but circumstances soon spin out of control and she finds herself sleeping with the enemy.

STARLESS PATH - sci-fi novel (first draft) - Finding an alien artifact in the salvage of a sunken space vessel changes wreck diver Enniyah Alynn from a forgotten nobody on the edge of space to a player in a dangerous interstellar game of politics and intrigue.

THE FALL - fantasy novella (edit) - Sari is a god-touched, a person who hears the voices of the gods at all times. She's devoted her life to obeying the capricious will of Medea, goddess of innocents, when war changes everything. Abandoned by her goddess and her friends Sari must forge new alliances and fight for her survival as war rages in the city of Vondrin.

UNDER COMMAND - SFR novella (first draft) - War time pressures and a ship full of refugees force Marine Commander Emelia Kass to take a roommate, she never planned on refugee Adam Uppan - formerly of the fleet planetary force - moving in. Nor did she plan on finding herself married in name only to prevent malicious subordinates from charging her with behavior unbecoming. Professional demeanor and annulment are her watch words until one near-death experience too many pushes her into Adam's arms. One night. One kiss. Once more because death is stalking them all.

Or something else entirely... what do you like?


  1. Fall and Poison, because POISON HAS A DEADLINE, and Fall is awesome and nearly done :P

  2. Seriously Ice isn't even there? *Mean look.*

  3. Ice is DOA. Manuscript burned. Hard drive erased. I gave up on Ice entirely.

  4. Poison looks interesting.

    On an unrelated note: I was pocking around Critique Circle and ended up here, and almost fainted when I read the words "tenth draft". Wow. I'm 1/4 into my first draft (ever) and I'm just coming to realize just how much work it is.


  5. Anastasia - I have a new draft for every major change. But the only difference between 7 and 8 is the opening 3 chapters. Draft 9 has a few other differences... It's rarely a full-on rewrite, but it lets me track what I'm doing.