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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Watched Inbox Never Dings


... or not. At this point, not. Despite checking my inbox every five seconds or so (wait - lemme check real quick - no - nothing) I've crossed another submission threshold. October 3rd was the early "Thanks But No Thanks" date for one of the presses that is currently reviewing EVFiL. I've learned to dread that date.

During submissions a quick turn around is almost always a "No." It's very rare for an editor or agent to get a submission and commit to the project on the short end of things. A month or two seems like an eternity to an impatient author, but we're talking about people who are reading a few hundred queries/submissions a day. And before the author is given a thumbs up any number of people need to be consulted (marketing teams, other editors, the people in charge of the paychecks...). The more people who need to give the manuscript an OK the longer the process takes.

And as much as I can admit to this in a calm, rationale fashion it doesn't stop me from jumping up and down like a three-year-old petting their first elasmobranch* when an editor I've submitted work to says she has looked at every query submitted before 9-22-11 and is reading them this weekend. You know what? I submitted September 12th. She's reading *MY* work. MINE! There should be sparkles and confetti over that statement.

So even though I know not hearing anything for another month or two means my chances of selling EVFiL improve, I can't help checking my inbox (still nothing) every chance I get.

* Elasmobranch is a shark, skate, or ray... if you have never petted a ray you are sensory deprived and should go do so at once. They are soft, cute, and cuddly.

Cow-nosed ray image found HERE and used under Fair Use laws.


  1. I haven't had the (pleasure?) of that particular torture yet.

    I hope you get good news, and soon!

    What kind of places did you submit to out of curiosity? Small presses and ePublishers or?

  2. You are so funny! I know I would be doing the same thing if I was so lucky. Enjoy your blogs. Good luck.

  3. EC- Small e-presses since EVFiL is a novella. Novella do well in ebooks.

    Juanita - :o)

  4. I definitely know how this feels. I have an email dedicated to submissions and queries so getting an email on that one means something!

  5. It must be neat to have something finished and turned in. I seem to bog after a couple chapers. I have one finished work of about 240pages but I do not like it the way it is. Cold weather is upon us, at least those of us who do not live in the deep south, that means more time in the house and more time to write. Good luck on your adventure. I thought E submissions were suppose to be faster though?