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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Title Time!

I'm have a new WIP, just a little something to keep me from checking my inbox every ten seconds for news on my submissions. *click click* And I need some help with the title.

Genre: SFR
Length: short story (10k)
Setting: A pleasure dome
Main Character: A female alien whose body chemistry is poisonous to most other species. Her own race was once enslaved as pets, and then hunted because they were effective assassins. She's at the pleasure dome as a bodyguard, but she's attracted to her Body's political rival...

Do you like:

or something else?

Vote in the comments section!

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  1. The Touch of Death. Death of Love, Death Love, Assassin of the Heart. Veins of Death, Veinful
    Attraction. This story has a lot of potential for titles. The hard part will be writing a good story to live up to it. I finally realized from your blog the other day that I am more of a nonfiction writer as I do not like having to create characters, scenes and all the stuff that comes with fiction. So I guess I like my plots already in the pan. I just need to cook them a little then...

  2. I like Poison. One word title is easier to remember, but the question is what do you call it in your mind? That would be the title to give it.