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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Have you ever made a wish?

What does a fairy godmother look like? Is she a lady in a blue dress with white hair and a twinkle in her eye? Is she the quiet woman with a regal air watching you from a distance? Is she a toddler with a wand trying to make mermaids appear in the backyard pool?

If you think the third one sounds plausible I have good news for you: there's a story there.

After some debate, and Amy pushing me to finish the silly story, Nearly Normal Nan is back on the table. NNN is the story of a magic-less grad-student who winds up adopting her sisters' three children after they die in a car accident. Her sisters, and their children, are all fairy godmother stock. Nan missed that gene. She's a fey outcast and an all-around loner, until children with magic land her in more trouble than she ever wanted.

The original draft (which was never finished to the last chapter) splits the point of view of Nan and her oldest niece, fifteen-year old Amy.

I keep pulling the idea out, playing with it, and shoving the manuscript back in my file for dead ideas. My twin has persuaded me to pull it out and try writing it as a co-authored book for fun and amusement.

The publishing possibilities for this are shaky... With a teen POV characters and an adult POV character I'm not sure what genre NNN is. Fantasy-somethingorother I suppose. At this point we aren't worrying about publication. The story is there for fun, a way for us to play tag across the international dateline with a fun story.

Expect to see snippets appearing from NNN in mid-September. Who knows, if the excerpts are well-received maybe we'll try to put this in print of some form or another. Or maybe we'll just keep copies for those days we need a good laugh.

The lady in the picture? None other than my grandmother at her first wedding (we think). She looks like the kind of person who might stab you to death with her bouquet, in short, a perfect fairy godmother. :o)

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