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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Current Project List

I'm trying to break away from how-to writing posts on the off-chance that some of my followers are *gasp* readers and not writers. I know, it's crazy, but the whole point of publishing is to have readers. Still, there will be writing posts because I need to talk these things out and I want you to know what projects you can look forward to.

Right now the project list looks like this:

Even Villains Fall in Love... is on the final draft. I'm doing line edits and the plane is to send this off by my birthday. With a little bit of luck I'll announce a sale in October. Keep your fingers crossed!

Jane Doe... in on draft 8. It's not far from being done, but there are some weak plot lines that need strengthening and a few scenes I need to add. Once EVFiL is out the door Jane is getting my full attention. I want to be doing line edits before November.

Jane's Shadow... is in the rough draft stage and is my slotted project for September. Because of the timelines in the Jane series things that happen in book 2 and 3 affect book 1 and I need to make sure it all lines up. Ideally Jane Doe, Jane's Shadow, and Chasing Jane will all be written in some form before I query.

At War's End... is a pot boiler. For years I've tinkered with this idea and the two main characters. It's a tricky idea that hasn't gelled. Most of the problem is the book is a character-driven military sci-fi, and the antagonist is always speaking in double-meanings. This is a book that might get me killed, and if I can get Jane out of the way by November this is my NANO project.

When I seem to vanish from public view for weeks at a time this is what I'm doing. I'm writing, because I want to. There's really no other reason. Writing is fun, it keeps me sane, and I hope I entertain some of you along the way.


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