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Monday, August 22, 2011

Clear-The-Desk Week

School is back in session. The alarm goes off at 5:15 in the morning, and the bus arrives at 7am.

What this really means is I'm at my "Sorry, summer break, can't do anything..." deadline. I've been putting off everything from emails to critiques in the name of summer chaos. That ends today.

This week, I'm clearing my desk of all the clutter, printing out the fall work schedule, and tying up all the loose odds and ends.

EVFiL is getting submitted this week. I'm making a revision calendar for Jane Doe, and a writing schedule for Jane's Shadow, Chasing Jane, and a group fiction project (shhh! no names allowed!). If you're waiting to hear from me about a review, guest blog post, blog tour, or a question in general you can expect the answer by Friday.

And the contest for socks? I'm drawing a name tonight.

What are you working on?


  1. Good luck!

    Me? I'm working on keeping a tight grip on my sanity as I prepare to move to a different state, wrap up a temp job (hopefully today), and attempt to find a job in said different state. Along with trying to read and write and socialize and say my goodbyes and party it up before I leave.

  2. Doing the same thing girl only my damn kids haven't started yet. I've got deadlines, drafts to finish, workshops and a blog tour starting Sept 1 I am not ready for. URH!!

  3. I dropped my boys off out school almost two hours ago, I'm so excited I've done the laundry, washed the dishes, cooked the boyfriend some breakfast and most importantly, I've written 1700 words.

    I think that calls for a


    and then I'm having a nap.

  4. Stephanie - You have my full sympathy! DH has promised we aren't moving for at least 12 months, hopefully a few years longer than that. I'm quite relieved.

    Bri - Ouch! When do the kids go back to school?

    Iasa- Awesome job! I edited two chapters this morning, took Bambino out to play, and I might just go take a nap too.