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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Sidekicks in Sci-fi - a guest post by Aubrie Dionne

A sidekick is a companion to the hero. There are great sidekicks in literature (Sherlock Holmes’ Dr. Watson), and in movies (Batman’s Robin).

As I wrote Paradise 21, an unscripted sidekick emerged towards the end! Without giving too much away, this sidekick helps Striker on a mission, and is integral to the plot. You’ll have to read Paradise 21 to see who it is! *wink wink*

Today I want to talk about famous sidekicks in science fiction.

1. Chewbacca and Han Solo in Star Wars

Chewbacca owes his life to Han, and will stand by his side until his death. As an Imperial Captain, Han was ordered to kill Chewbacca and refused. As a result, he became a smuggler, and Chewbacca took his place by his side. Not only does this furry, gentle beast provide comic relief (Princess Leia calls him a “walking carpet”), he makes Han more of a sympathetic character.

2. Doc and Marty from Back to the Future

If it wasn’t for Doc, Marty would have never gone back to the future in the DeLorean time machine to help his parents become better people in life. Not only does he become Marty’s teacher, but also his best friend. This relationship between them is especially poignant in the third movie, when Marty risks everything to save Doc’s life back in the Wild West.

3. Skaara from Stargate

Not as well-known as the first two, this little boy changes Colonial Jonathan O’Neil’s (played by Kurt Russel) life. The Colonial lost his son to a gun accident, and takes the mission to destroy the Stargate knowing full well it may be a suicide and he may not be coming home. After meeting Skaara and earning his respect and admiration, the Colonial learns to live and love again. He returns home a healed man.

4. Gerty from Moon

If you haven’t seen this movie, you have to go watch it right now. It is one of the best sci fi movies I’ve ever seen. Part of what makes this movie so awesome is Gerty, a computer likeness to Hal in Space Odyssey 2001. Voiced by Kevin Spacey, Gerty has as much depth and character as a real human being. You’re not sure of this machine’s intentions until the very end, and the moment I found out gave me goose bumps. He is the ultimate sidekick to astronaut Sam Bell.

Now it’s your turn: what are some of your favorite sidekicks? It doesn’t have to be from a sci fi movie!

Aubie Dionne is an author and flutist in New England. She's represented by Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Her short stories have been featured in Mindflights, Niteblade, Silver Blade, Emerald Tales, Aurora Wolf, A Fly in Amer, Moon Drenched Fables and various anthologies. Her books are published by Entangled Publishing, Lyrical Press, Gypsy Shadow Publishing, and Wyvern Publications.

PARADISE 21 is available now. Click through the link to read the first chapter and buy now.


  1. Thanks so much for hosting me, Liana! Who are your favorite sidekicks?

  2. The geek in me must correct - it's Han.

    As sidekicks go, and on the Stargate bent, I have to say Teal'c is one of my favourites. "Untamed equines", heh.

    I also love Pete from Warehouse 13, because he's such a dork. As a dork myself, I find that trait attractive :D

  3. Better, Misa?

    My favorite sidekick is Nyls Jessan from Price of the Stars.

  4. Thanks for changing it, Liana (ducks head in shame).

    That's what I get for writing a billion guest posts all at once. Pretty soon I'll be misspelling my own name!

  5. No worries. I misspell my own name half the time. :o)