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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


January 2011 Museitup Publishing
short story length e-book
Review Copy (PDF)

Important Stats
Genre Sci-Fi
Re-Readable yes
Recommend to a Friend yes
If This Book Were a Movie it would be the off-Broadway production that won critical acclaim. There's a small cast here, but this is made for stage and the generations most talented actors.

The Blurb

Crashing Time Ship.

The Space Commission hot on her trail.
French spies and flying kites.

For Dr. Sally Pescan, this can’t be good.

My Thoughts
This is just a fun story. There's a great juxtaposition of colliding worlds and it's funny! I can't say much more without giving away the whole story. On the whole, my only complaint is the length. I'd love to see this extended, or put on stage. This would make an awesome comedy sketch!

Who Should Read This Book?
Sci-fi fiends looking for some light reading this summer and historical fans who need to get out of their rut.


Krista D. Ball was born and raised in Deer Lake, Newfoundland, where she learned how to use a chainsaw, chop wood, and make raspberry jam. After obtaining a B.A. in British History from Mount Allison University, Krista moved to Edmonton, AB where she currently lives with her partner, two crazy but likable step-boys, seven cats, and a very understanding corgi.

Like any good writer, Krista has had an eclectic array of jobs throughout her life, including strawberry picker, pub bathroom cleaner, oil spill cleaner-upper and soup kitchen coordinator. These days, when Krista isn’t software testing, she writes full-time in her messy office.


  1. I also got to read this book. I enjoyed it and gave it a recommended read on my review postings.

  2. It's a fun book! Now I just need to talk Krista into doing a panto of this.