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Friday, March 4, 2011

How To Fall in Love

If you haven't yet go ahead and read the series on Love
Stage 1: Lust
Stage 2: Attraction
Stage 3: Commitment

Quiz time!

1- True or False: There is no scientific evidence to explain the concept of love or emotion.

2- True or False: The most important factor in falling in love is what society thinks.

3- If a man is looking at a woman's face he is most interested in: a) a long-term relationship b) a quick fling.

4- Oxytocin is: a) the chemical responsible for focus obsession of a lust interest 2) a chemical for cleaning skin c) the chemical responsible for feel-good cuddly desires

5- What is the ideal situation for a couple to fall in love?

6- True or False: Long-term relationships are doomed to failure because of biology.

1- FALSE!!!!

2- False

3- A- a long-term relationship

4- C- cuddly feelings

5- The initial stage of love is Lust and the dominant chemicals that incite Lust are also associated with danger, new experiences, and working out. To form a strong chemical bond with someone try new activities, dangerous situations (like a roller coaster - not a drug cartel take over), or a game of beach volley ball.

6- False! Love is a cycle, if you start stagnating there are ways to restart the cycle. :o)

What we learned from all this crazy research....
1- The crazed characters who say they are in love seconds after meeting are obviously infected with some mutant fungi and should be put down for their own good.

2- While writing about the Lust stage of Love is easy, it doesn't tell the whole story.

3- If we want to make someone fall in love with us we either need to dope them with a concoction of chemicals, or take them out for a new experience, a heavy make-out session, and maybe a long walk after to boost their dopamine levels. We also know from prior research that Positive Reinforcement is the best training method. We will reinforce the positive sensations whenever our love interest is near thus spurring production of oxytocin and vassopressin in the brain.

4- The heart is a muscle and has nothing to do with Love. All of those emotions are dictated by various parts of the brain, one throws a spear, the other wears stilettos.

5- With an fMRI scanner and a few blood tests you can prove whether someone is in love or not. This is probably excessive for the first date, so settle for subtle body language and declarations of undying devotion.


  1. Thank you so, so much for clarifying this for me. =)

    And you're right. The love at first sight thing isn't really all that realistic. You have to understand WHY the characters are feeling that way before being able to believe it.

  2. lol, I love the comment about the first date. Pure gold.

  3. Coffelvnmom- I'm glad you liked it!

    Shannon- You know I'd do anything to keep you entertained.

    I added a movie and the links in case you missed one of the articles. Enjoy!

  4. I did good, but I knew most of it from watching one of the learning channels. Lol.

    As for Face and Sosa... mmmmm Face...