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Thursday, March 31, 2011

82000 Words

Weighing in at 82,248 words the first complete draft of JANE DOE is done.

I spent the better part of six months working on the first twenty chapters. I've printed them, read them, edited them, cleaned them, reorganized them... the first half is on the fifth draft.

The other 50,000 words I wrote in 15 days. I averaged 3k a day, writing as little as 1k one time and as much as 5.5k another day.

These last chapters are raw. This is the skeleton of the story. I need to check facts. I know one scene that needs rewriting or deleting. There is a mountain of editing in front of me. But the novel is complete.

I have an ending. I have a climax scene and a wrap up. Everything I need to edit this book and polish it for publication is there.

I should feel excited, or relieved, or giddy. When I hit 75k I wanted to throw a party. This just seems... inevitable. As if there was no choice but to finish this book once I'd gone this far. Maybe I really did paint myself into a literary corner.

Whatever the case, JANE DOE is ready for editing in April. Six Sentences will continue, probably from JANE DOE, but I might break out a Sekrit Project or two when the editing drives me insane.


  1. Way to go! That is awesome. *Hi-5*

  2. What an excellent achievement. Congratulations.

  3. Know the feeling. It made me feel really good till I started checking around for a market and some places wanted 250,000 to 400,000 words. I about croaked. I mean mine took several months and it only came to 37,000 words. Made me question if I had what it takes. My writing up to this had been short stories and newspaper articles. Since then I have modified my goals and have learned to just be patient. Was your story up for criting on CC? Anyhow hope you enjoy the moment. I am finding the rewrite more fun cause you work on little details that can make it fun.