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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm really not on vacation...

... it only looks that way.

It's no great secret that I'm moving in a few weeks. Between NaNo, getting ready for the move, and squaring away plans for a real (mini) vacation over Veteran's Day I haven't been on the blogs much.

Forgive me?

Here's my plan: I'm going back to blogging Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the movers take my computer away. Once the computer is gone I'll post some updates from the road when I can. Driving in winter holiday traffic is a punishment for damned souls, but if I survive, I'll let you know!

Regular posting complete with Science in Fiction, Wednesday Workouts, and the rest will be back in full force by mid-January. Naturally, if you have a burning science question that needs answering now, I'll try to get to it.

I'm still stalking the blogs. I'm on Twitter whenever the Fail Whale isn't, and you can always find me on Face Book.

Happy NaNo'ing!

P.S. I'm only one day behind now!


  1. Moving and nano-ing at the same time. *tipping my hat to you*

  2. I, too, am impressed you would attempt NaNo while in the middle of a move.

    And don't worry about the blogging thing. Everyone understands. We'll all be around in some form when you get back.