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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. As my sister says, it's all about food.

Right now I'm perched on a bar stool at the kitchen island checking on the ham and stirring cranberry sauce. The leaves outside are falling in gold and red flurries. My children are snuggled around their father on the couch watching him play Mario on the Wii.

For me, this is a perfect day. It's not the only kind of perfect day. I could have a perfect day on the beach , or hiking in the woods, or curled up on a rainy day with a book.

I'm grateful for my family. They make me laugh, give me comfort on the bad days, encourage my dreams, support me through the rough times.

I'm grateful for my friends, my safety net, and my secret-keepers. They keep me sane.

I'm grateful for the variety of people around me, the good and the bad. All of them are interesting and beautiful people. I love watching them, giving them stories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turkey clipart found here. Copyright held by original artist.

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