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Friday, October 1, 2010

A Date with Harry Dresden

It all started with a skull.

A little plastic skull with a light inside. Dear Husband picked it up, chuckled, and held it to my face. "It's Bob!" he said, citing the resident skull in the Harry Dresden books. "I like it."

"You could carry it Trick or Treating," I joked. "Pretend to be Harry."

His eyes went wide... suddenly, we had a Halloween costume for him.

For our family Halloween in a silly time. It's a time to play dress up and collect candy for the coming winter. Really, there's something very squirrelly about the whole enterprise (wink - Get the joke? Work with me folks, this is all I got...).

The girls are going as a cloud princess and a flower fairy, or Rosalina and Baby Peach from the Mario games if I can alter the costumes a little. We're looking for red overalls so Little Boy Blue can go as Mario.

That just leaves me to dress. The question is... Who do I go as?

There's Murphy, the short blonde cop. She's an awesome character, but she's also shorter than me and has the wrong hair color, usually cut short. Even with a wig I don't think I'd look the part.

There's Susan, the reporter (slash vamp) from the Midwestern Arcane. Latino, dark-haired, I could probably pull her look off without to much trouble.

There's Laschiel, the fallen angel who appears either in formal Roman wear or as The Girl Next Door. With a pair of fake glasses this wouldn't be hard, although she might be a bit boring.

And there's Laura Raithe, a succubus from the White Court... great costume but not appropriate for kid-friendly events since Laura is all about skimpy and slut.

Can I get a vote?


  1. I say the vamp, though I've not read these books so I have no idea what would be the best fit. Good luck choosing!

  2. I'd say Laura Raithe.. amongst your choices, she's the most appropriate for Halloween.. Murphy's good too but I don't think she would click unless a lot from your area reads Dresden Files unlike a Vamp☺..

    But again, it goes down to who you're comfortable to wear..