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Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Random

Random Thought for the Week: Maybe we should cut math classes in school...

It seems to me that when budget cuts come the first thing students lose are art and music lessons. Then comes recess. Then they lose gym time. A recent brain study shows that what people really need to be smart is EXERCISE.

And music helps the brain balance and integrate. Which means someone who hits the gym, and then plays music for thirty minutes a day, ought to be pretty darn smart.

You know... that explains why all the AP students were in marching band ;o)

Random Book of the Week: Book? What book? Where's a book? Give me a book! Seriously, how can all my favorite authors not have a single new book coming out for another three months?!?!? This was poor planning.

Random Twilight Fandom:
Yeah... nope. #teamBuffy for the win! Stake the vampire. Ignore the werewolf. And move on. When's the next Star Trek movie coming out? Or GI Joe. The Baroness is my hero :o)


  1. I love the Edward Vs. Buffy. It's one of my favorites. :D

    Cutting the music, gym and recess never made sense to me either. I've also noticed that the majority of the advanced kids in school are in either band or orchestra. You'd think the admistration would have figured that out by now too.

  2. Jean- I don't think there's a time I didn't love Buffy. Questioned her BF choices? Yes. But I love Whedon's writing.

    Re: Schools... You'd think, right? I understand that priority needs to go to reading and math. That makes sense in it's own way. But I'd rather lose a few city jobs cutting grass and hire a few more teachers.