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Monday, June 7, 2010

Stopwatch Summer

This is the summer of the stopwatch. Or, rather, the Summer of the Timer. My schedule is fully packed from the moment the alarm goes off until I close my eyes at night. My timer/stopwatch lives in my pocket (because I hate things on my wrist).

For every activity I have a 15 minute countdown. Cleaning? Fifteen minutes. Writing? Fifteen minutes. Lunch? Fifteen minutes.

In fifteen minutes I can write 500 words. I can edit 1000. I can write one blog post. I can teach the first stanza of a poem by Maya Angelou.

I can do a lot in fifteen minutes. What can you do?


  1. I hate wearing things on my wrist too... tight or loose, it irritates. :)

    @fifteen minutes - Hehe... depends on whether you tell me you are timing me or not. If I know I have fifteen minutes to write, then I know I would have BRAIN FREEZE and wouldn't be able to type a single word.

    That said - if I'm just accounting for things I can do in 15 minutes, then yes...

    1. I can cook supper in ten minutes

    2. I can write 500 words in about 15 minutes. Probably more if I'm inspired, but averaging - yes, 500 in manageable.

    About the word count, it's pretty sad when you consider how easy it would be to write 2000 words a day. It would only take an hour.

    But most days I'm accumulating 5-800 word amounts total. And since I'm not exactly editing at this point, I can't use "cutting words" as an excuse for my lackness in the +column. :[

  2. Way more than I want to think I can. LOL

    Including comment on around 10 - 12 blogs... ;-)

  3. Cate - Anything loose on my wrist itches. I gave up on watches years ago because I kept losing them after I took them off in random places. And you have a good point about word count. I'm going to address that. :o)

    Jamie - I am shamed. I'm terrible about commenting on blogs right now. I'm very good at lurking, but commenting seems to be past my skill level. :o( I'll work on that one.