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Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Questions For You

Happy Friday! I'm so glad the week is over! Well, sort of. It's still Friday morning and I still have to survive swimming lessons, a play date, and writing a chapter I've been dancing around for over a month.

Yeah, see me be proactive. O.o

While I'm busy crushing the hopes and dreams of my characters I have a few questions for you...

Who is your target audience?
Who is going to send you fan letters? I think my audience is the 14-44 age bracket.

Are you a Pair writer or Single writer?
I've noticed that some authors (and even TV writers) can't help but pair up characters. They think in romantic couplets. I do this all the time. Once a character is created, I start match making. Some times I realize that the character is destined to be the eternal bachelor, but sometimes I write them into horribly awkward situations.

Do you prefer writing from Her perspective, or His? For me it depends on what I'm writing. I have several female characters that are fun to write, but there are situations when I prefer His perspective. Usually during courtship because my ladies just don't have the same deer-in-the-headlights reaction as the men.

What's your dream book deal? Which agent? Which house? If you could have a wish granted, where would your book be selling?

What kind of book do you want to read right now? I have a long list of what my ideal characters and story line look like. But just this minute, I'd love a retelling of the wishing fish story as a modern romantic comedy planned with a big screen adaption, or Pride and Prejudice as a space opera. Off beat, and not my usual style, but if you have one of those hiding somewhere I'd love to read!


  1. 1) Target Audience: Probably very similar to yours.

    2) Pair/Single: since I write romance, I better be a pair-writer. Most of my chars do have a significant other or something floating around...or are the target of the current novel's romance story.

    3) Generally her perspective b/c I'm not a man and I just don't think like one. Unlike you, though, there's no deer-in-the-headlight from the men. It's usually the women b/c, while they might be attracted to the hero, they're usually not looking for a relationship or have something which keeps them from wanting a relationship with that particular individual.

    4) Dreams: Agent - I shall not name names. House - Avon or Tor. Deal - 3 book deal for something like 10k a book. Yeah, I can fantasize.

    Love your blog, Liana!

  2. Who is your target audience? Maybe 18+. I can imagine some teens enjoying my work, and indeed I hope they do, but it's not aimed at a young audience.

    Are you a Pair writer or Single writer? It depends on the character. I don't pair characters up just for the sake of doing so, but if it serves their character arcs/the plot, I will.

    Do you prefer writing from Her perspective, or His? Keep in mind, not all pairs are one woman and one man. It's not necessarily a "hers or his" situation. :) Unless you just mean sex in general, in which case, I tend to write from the female POV more than male.

    What's your dream book deal? Which agent? Which house? I'll never tell! ;)

    What kind of book do you want to read right now? More literary/social science fiction.

  3. Elizabeth - Your males sound like the ones I like to read about. Confidence is very sexy. :o)

    J. Koyanagi - It sounds like you're a balanced writer. My brain just thinks in pairs. Like you said, not all are traditional pairs. I don't go so far as to show sex scenes, I prefer sweet to steamy. But I still like books from the males perspective, for the novelty value if nothing else at the moment. There seems to be a glut of FMC oriented books, or maybe that's just what I've been reading.

    FWIW - I highly recommend the Kate Daniels series written by Ilona Andrews. I finished book four this weekend and must go pester Ilona and Andrew to hurry with book five.

  4. Target Audience: Depending on the series, from 13 through adult.

    Pairs/singles: Good question, not something I'd considered before. I think I lean towards a pairs writer.

    Perspective: Hers, definitely. Not by intent, necessarily, but most of my books have female MCs.

    Dream book deal? Is it shameful to admit that I haven't actually thought about concrete details like this yet? I have a few ideas about agents, but haven't done enough research yet to know if there are others that I'm just not listing because, for eg, they don't have a blog I read regularly! I do know that I'd love my books to go to one of the major publishers, and to be released both in the US (where I'll be marketing it) and in Aus (where I live).

    What do I want to read right now? Um, more Ilona Andrews? O:) :D