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Friday, June 11, 2010

Is it Friday Yet?

Hitting the pool for a few hours a day sounds divine, unless you're hitting the pool with three children in tow. Suddenly a few hours as an extra at the Battle of the Bulge sounds more inviting. The good news is I survived the week. YEAH!!!!

Random Laugh of the Week: Newsies Dance to Lady Gaga. Oh. Yes. *wicked grin* Long before werewolves stripped for teenage audiences there was Newsies. Does this make me old?

Random Lesson on Reading Twitter Tired:
Have you ever misread something? Or had something on your Twitter feed that... well... looks like this...

JJ sjaejones
Of course I didn't bring an umbrella today. Of course.

Trisha Ziegenhorn trishaleighKC
Raccoon pee smells a little like cat pee but not as potent. #factsineverwantedtoknow

Am I the only one who just read SJ's response to Trisha? Maybe I'm crazy...

Random Book You Need to Read:
The entire Ilona Andrews series about Kate Daniels. It took me less than 11 hours to finish the first three. Write faster people!!!

Random Frustration of the Week: My keyboard isn't working on the computer. Grrr. I may be writing less this weekend than originally planned.

So... what's your random?

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