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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Scientific Excuse

We've already discussed my growing book pile. Linnea Sinclair added to the pile by one. And will probably add more because I have book one and book four of the Dock Five sequence and I need the gaps filled in. Sneaky, sneaky Linnea.

I'm spending my evening building THIS for my growing collection, a fact that makes DH politely inquire about the possibilities of - just maybe - getting rid of some of my books.

Get rid of books?

Obviously DH needs to read THIS article on the impact of books in the home.

Having a 500-book library or having university-educated parents, propel a child 3.2 years further in education, on average.

Both of us are university educated, but I only have a bachelors degree at the moment. If adding a few more books means my children will be propelled toward a doctorate, I'm all for it. Note the study doesn't say what KIND of books to stock in your library. Just 500+ titles.

To be on the safe side I really ought to have 500+ titles in every interesting genre. Don't you think? Sounds like a shopping trip to me!

Have any suggestions for my growing library?


  1. My husband quit inquiring, politely or otherwise, years ago about the possibility of getting rid of books. He has resigned himself to the piles of books spilling over in every available corner of the house. I'm actually angling for some built-in bookshelves in the bedroom.

    There is no such thing as too many books. :)

  2. Love the bookshelf! You'll have to post an after pic so we can appreciate your 500+ titles in an orderly manner. :D

    Mine are stacked two deep on my shelves in an attempt to keep them contained. Makes it a challenge to find anything though.

  3. My husband is like Kathy's - he's resigned to the fact that books are a major part of our decor. In fact, he's planning to build be several more bookcases in the next few years. :-)

    Sounds like a shopping trip is definitely in order for you...which genres are you light on? ;-)

  4. Love the bookshelves you picked out. The three-part one that can be corner or wall mounted is great.

    Other ideas? We put a head board with book-ends on the bed. Stack my to-be-read list there (it doesn't fit anymore).

    If you have a long hallway, shelves above head level can house a nice collection of rarely read works.

    We put shelves in the bathroom, over the toilet, and added a collection of our magazines and smaller books there. Guests often pull a few out and read them during their stay.

  5. Kathy - I totally agree.

    Jean - The ones in my study are stacked two deep with a layer on top. I still need more room. That pile is my "Frequently Read Books"

    Jamie - I'm looking for good sci-fi, SFR, or humerous fantasy/UF with a good voice along the lines of Lisa Shearin. I'm also trying to add to my mid-grade and YA collection so I have something for my kids to read as they graduate from beginner books. Right now we're collecting the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the Ally Carter YA series, and the Magic Tree House books. I'd like suggestions for MG or YA sci-fi, or other books with strong female characters who set an intelligent example.

    Wulf - If only! We're renting at the moment and planning on moving within the next six months. Permanent shelving is not an option just yet.

  6. I am very lucky to have an artist spouse. I wonder if having a 1000 book library gives kids a six year head start... ;)

  7. Love it! Given I have 200+ on my shelves that I haven't read, I'm sure I easily have 500+ books. All set!

    ...Though, if boyo asks, tell the number's a thousand, m'kay? O:)

    ~The Twinerous One

  8. Good luck organizing all those books. It'll look great afterwards!

  9. I have a quarter of a bookcase put together! I'm going to fill screw holes and sand today while the kids play. I might have a finished bookcase by next week at this rate! :o)

    Inky - I'll definitely tell the Boyo that you need 1000+ books per genre to give your children a good start in life. Anything that doesn't fit on your shelf will fit on mine :D

    Laura - I'll post pics of the progress as we move along.

    Marion - I like your theory, we should test it.

  10. Out of necessity I have had to get rid of some books. But I do keep quite a lot!