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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mummified Children, Things I Do, and More

This Weeks Weirder Than Fiction Headline: Mummified baby missing...

Wait... Mummified Baby? From the British Museum maybe? No, from New Jersey. Since when did the New Englanders start mummifying people, and why is their four-year old playing with the mummy? Seriously, this is too weird for words, but it would make a great story.

Random To Do List of the Week: Plan summer school, turn a white board into a magnetic chalkboard (on the back), build a bookcase from scratch, plant a garden, buy clothes for Eldest who has out grown everything. Finish the sequence in Twisted Metal and get the FMC off this lovely planet and on to the next crisis.

Random Book Buying Binge of the Week: So... funny story, I know you'll laugh. I *thought* I'd pre-ordered Bewitched and Betrayed, Victorious, and the latest Ally Carter book. Ha. I've patiently been waiting for them to arrive.

Running the the mail box as soon as I see the mail truck type of patient.

And they haven't arrived!

I gave in, and checked Powell's to see when they were mailing. They weren't in my cart, they were on the wish list. Maybe I'd optimistically thought someone would buy them for me. Maybe I'm just computer illiterate. Whatever the case, I am going shopping this weekend to rectify this horrendous situation. I really can't be expected to live without my books any longer.

Random Writing of the Week: By the time this posts, I should be half way through Twisted Metal, approaching the up slope and second minor climax leading to the main event. I set my main character in the middle of a hostage situation this week.

The best part?

Twisted Metal opens with a hostage situation where Roan fails to talk the gunman down and loses a friend. This second hostage situation isn't saved by Roan, which just adds to the tension. I'm pleased with how the layers are working out and the dimensions this is giving the characters.

Now if I could only write a wrinkle-free first draft!

So........what's your random?


  1. I really enjoyed Dauntless and Fearless. The audio versions from audible.com are fantastic as well.

    John G. Henry (a.k.a Jack) has an intriguing way of "telling" the story as opposed to showing, but still making it very compelling.

    It's definitely giving me some gems to think about in my writing. Can't wait to read on.

    P.S. If you are infernally behind in reading, you don't have to worry about when they get to the mailbox. So get slacking : )

  2. I cheated and went downtown on a hunting trip. I grabbed the absolute last copy the store had of Victorious. It involved fifteen minutes of harassing store clerks and checking freshly arrived boxes to get my copy.

    I also grabbed the last Bewitched and Betrayed, and the last Heist Society.