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Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything in Season

For everything there is a time and season. There is a time for sowing, and a time for harvesting. A time for writing, and a time for editing. Seasons blow through our lives, hot and cold. And the seasons of our lives blow by, up or down.

This is the season for wisteria, quite possibly one of my favorite flowers of all time. The highways are lined with thick falls of jewel-toned flowers hanging like pale grapes from twisting vines. There is a heady scent, the promise of warmer weather, and the drone of carpenter bees all around.

In weather like this, you can almost hear the symphony play. Feet tread lightly over new grass. Everyone is ready to dance in the sun.

And then reality kicks back in.

Life is, and will always be, slightly random. This week was no different. Someone wanted to buy our house, then backed out at the last minute. The car was fixed, and something new broke. I started a new section, and then was thrown off track by, well, life.

Random Fun this Week:
Hitting the gym with some friends for a few hours, working out, and having conversations that made people stare. Working out + laughter = FUN!

Random Trouble of the Week:
Baby Boy has started crawling, and climbing, all in the same week. Meanwhile, Small and Pink rediscovered her love of hair cutting, a week before all her birthday pictures are scheduled. o.0

Random Surreal Moment of the Week: Opening an e-invitation from my health care provider to join their virtual world a la Second Life. Seriously? Rather than driving down to the office to ask a question I can now log on to a game, drain my bandwidth, and click to move a virtual me to the office to ask a question.


Why can't I just call?

Random Plans for This Weekend:
Cornell chicken, potato salad, and a trip to the botanical gardens. I plan to take family pictures out in the gardens, enjoy some of the best barbecue you've never heard of, and enjoy the spring sunshine. The recipe is up on the cooking blog. :o)

Random Bonus this Week: There's a new sci-fi agent at Curtis Brown LTD! Welcome Sarah LaPolla to your line up.
Sarah is interested in literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, literary horror, and young adult fiction. She loves complex characters, coming-of-age stories, and strong narrators.
If you're ready to query your sci-fi novel, consider adding Sarah to your wish list.

And now.... Mercury, the Winged-Messenger from Holst's Planets suite. A sprightly piece that's perfect for a spring day!


  1. How fun to hear those tidbits of your life! :) This weekend, we'll be digging up the garden to prep for planting and washing these DITRY windows! But tonight, The Boy wants to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. :) Happy Weekend!

  2. Amy - I'm planning on doing some gardening this weekend too. I need to get my flowers in the ground. :o)

    Enjoy the movie!