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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Wordle: DC NaNo '09

Just playing with Wordle and my NaNo novel.

Sari and Sverre are the main characters. But I can see that I need to trim the use of like, back, and away. I'm currently chewing my nails and waiting for my Crit Partner to read through the chapters I have and tell me how bad it is.

I'm reading her novel and our beta swap ends the 17th. Eight more days to read a very good novel. I wonder if I can get some new chapters...


  1. Your wordle inspired me to create my own on my WIP. I'll post it later on in the week. Wordle is fun, and I haven't visited it in a while! Thanks!

  2. The wordle is pretty. Good luck with the crits.

  3. I recently did a wordle on my first chapter. They're fun.