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Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Be Read

My TBR pile grew by three yesterday, Clone Republic, Orphange, and Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover.

This saves me from trying to finish a treatise on the Founding Fathers of America that was a last resort because I couldn't find Dresden #4.

Yes, my reading is a bit eclectic. This happens. Especially when I have kids home from school sick and I wind up buried under a pile of children wanting to use Mom for a pillow.

Fortunately, the couch is comfy and I can read for hours on end. I can't blog for more than five minutes though. :P Weekly posts will arrive on schedule next week.

What's your TBR pile look like?


  1. Mine's looking pretty healthy at the moment!

  2. I'm finishing up The Book Thief, then wandering onto "Get Known Before The Book Deal". [sigh] Marketing rules my life. After that, Hoot, Her Fearful Symmetry, and Goddess Bootcamp.

  3. Mine looks big. Towering, in fact and ever growing. :)

  4. Yuna- One of these days I'm coming over with an empty suitcse to raid your TBR pile!

    Amy- Goddess Boot Camp sounds interesting.

    Jean - Let me know what titles you like. I finished Clone Republic today. The avoidance of contractions annoyed me, but the ending is stellar and I want book 2.

  5. I have set up security around my chest of drawers (I stack my ARC pile on top of it). You wouldn't want to disturb my bodyguard finches. They have great aim with seed.

  6. Oh, my too read pile is more like a mountain and more books are coming out each week! Next up - The Name of this Book is Secret and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.

  7. Mine is never ending, and right now I'm reading Atlas Shrugged and fearing that I may never get back to my TBR pile. That is one long book.