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Friday, January 15, 2010

Randomness for a Cold Friday Morning

Random Birthday Fun: It's Martin Luther King Jr's birthday today, even though the official celebration is Monday. He is one of my favorite people from history. If you've never taken the opportunity to read or listen to his "I Have a Dream" speech HERE is where you can find it. You're, welcome :o)

Random Charity of the Week: I you are living under a rock in the Arctic you might not have heard there was an earthquake in Haiti this week. If you have heard and haven't had a chance to donate, HERE is a link to the American Red Cross Donate Now website.

If you live outside the US and have a link to a charity where blog readers in your country can donate please leave the link in the comments :0)

Random Gun of the Week: The Watt-Box, a steampunk ray gun monster blaster cool gun that Dr. Monster put together. It's shiny and it's a blaster, what more can I say? I love shiny objects!!!

Some of his others are for sale, just in case you're wondering what to get your favorite sci-fi fanatic, or steampunk lover in your life. Or me. My birthday is in August (hint, hint).

Random #EPICFAIL of the Week: Another author NOT having a website.

Really, how many times am I going to repeat this people? If I like your story in an ezine, magazine, anthology, or on the shelf in novel form I want to find out what else you write. No website = no way to find you.

I'm so mad! I love a certain series, the author's note at the back says she intends to write more and expand the original trilogy. And... nothing. No web presence. Nothing on her author page at amazon.com. N-O-T-H-I-N-G

My sad conclusion is that this author never published a book four. She might be dead. Maybe her books didn't sell. I don't understand why not, everyone keeps borrowing the three I have. But, who knows.

Before you publish, get on the net. Even if it's just a free blog like this. Get out here, get your name on Google, and tell me where I can pay money to read your work. No exceptions!

*deep breath*

*puts soap box away*

So.... What's your random?

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  1. I like this: tell me where I can pay money to read your work.

    Oh, how I long to hear those words ;)