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Friday, November 6, 2009

Which one's naked?

Random Question from an Alpha-reader: Which character gets naked first?

What? *blinks in confusion*

I write sci-fi and fantasy, not romance or erotica! That was one series that had naked people running loose.


It's not like I make a habit of my characters running around without clothes on!

But, apparently, that's what my friend remembers. In the ViS series there is a subculture that embraces nudity, and really freaky full-body tattoos. That stuck in her head, but not the million other characters that wear clothes all the time.

Just for her, I'm going to add streakers to my NaNo nov- ... oh, wait, would naked demons count as naked characters? Um.. whoops. *blushes* I just can't picture psychotic death demons with clothes. Sorry, Yuna!

Random Love of the Week: Write or Die!!!!

Putting the "Prod" back in productivity!

The first two thousand words every day aren't hard to reach, as long as I write in the morning. The other thousand that I need to make my word count goal are murder. Hence, write or die. Where last night I pulled off a cool 1,477 words in 37 minutes. I meant to write only 600, but the scene came alive and so I kept going. <3>Random Food of the Week: My kid's school sells pickles for $1 on Fridays. I didn't realize giant pickles were that much of a treat. Ice cream, yes. Popcorn, yes. A chance to wear a hat, yes. But a giant pickle in a plastic bag? I don't get the attraction.

Random Trend that Confuses Me: Monogramming your car.

I understand having your initials on your luggage. I kind of get why you might monogram a towel (you never know when some unruly houseguest might try to abscond with it). But do you really need to initial your car so that it looks like it has a spring-break-butt-tattoo?

I mean, how many other SUVs are perwinkle pink with bright blue flowers on the hood? Do you think adding your initials will help you find it in the parking lot?

And I won't even go into what I think about putting your kid's name and school on the back of the car. Wait... I will.

It's an invitation to kidnap your kid! Not only do I know your mom's name (thanks to her initials and vanity plate) but I know where you are all day and what your name is. Want to bet someone couldn't use all that information to kidnap your child?

Seriously, there's vanity and then there's stupidity. If you want the world to know who you are, that's awesome. But try to think safety first, 'k?

Random Street Sign that Freaked Me Out This Week:
"Look before you pass."

As an ad for a funeral home. And next to one of the busiest intersections in the city.

I'm not sure if it's a warning to drivers so they won't hit another car or an invitation to come check out caskets. Because everyone knows you need to have a color-coordinated funeral... o.0

Random Bits of Writing from NaNo This Week: characters having a little to much fun before the battle starts...

The scroll burned to ash in her hand. She blew it away. “What’s all the excitement up here?”

“Sisters,” Errod said with a nod in the direction of Verdunfelfel. His eyes didn’t leave the priestess’s chest. “You serve the elven archer goddess?”

“No. Kith, the elven god of war, maddness and literature. I am Kith-Alyssia. And you are?”


“Just Errod?”


“Not even Errod of the North?”


Kith-Alyssia’s smile grew wider. “Are you busy tonight, Just Errod?”

“No.” His grin grew to match hers.

“Would you like to be?” the priestess whispered.


  1. Great random, Lei! I love pickles. I like to get them at the movie theater, so I see the attraction of them. Nothing's as great as popcorn, Jr. Mints, and a pickle! Yum! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. *laughs hard*

    In my defence, I haven't read all of VIS novels (or a whole one). I'm quite sure I'll remember something other than um naked characters when I do read them. It just so happens that is what stuck out when you were talking about it.

    And you couldn't keep me anonymous!

    Demons are slightly different.

  3. I have to keep pickles in my house. Between my husband and the two girls someone is munching on one.

  4. I hadn't even sipped my first cup of coffee before stumbling across your blog. But you woke me enough to realize that, although I've never done NaNoWriMo, maybe I should give it a try next year!

  5. Rick- Maybe you should try it this year. If you wrote a little over 2k a day you could still make the 50k mark by the end of the month :0)

    Glam- Junior Mints and Pickles at the same time??? Mint and pickle don't mix! :P One or the other maybe, but at the same time?

    Yuna- Of course demons are different. Otherwise, they'd be human? o.0 Yeah, it's one of those mornings...

    Tamika- I actually had a college roommate who would eat a gallon jar of pickles by herself every week. A pickle in one hand, an icy pop in the other. She never converted me to the darkside of the kitchen.