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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Wave Giveaway

Do you know what Google Wave is? That's okay, neither did I until I won an invite and started playing with the program. It's touted as an "online tool for real-time communication and collaboration" that's both document and conversation in real time.

Really, it's chat on steroids and the perfect tool for writing groups. Stuck on a chapter? Wave it and let your alpha-readers dissect it live while you watch, ask questions, and discuss motivations.

Stuck doing a group project? Again, you can do it in real time. Or send a map to everyone trying to find your holiday party. Or load up pictures. Or... well, for the people who spend hours on chat anyway I'm sure we can come up with a million reasons to play with the new toy from Google.

The catch is that Wave is by invitation only at the moment.

And I have invites.

%-) He he he. Bwhahahahaha!!!


Sadly, the powers that be in charge of Google Wave only handed me eight invites. But that's okay, because it leaves one free for the blog.

Let's keep this simple, shall we?

1) Follow the blog or follow me on Twitter if you don't follow blogs.

2) Leave a comment on the blog telling me what you are grateful for this year.

Monday morning I'll have Small and Pink pull a name out of the hat and that person will get a Google Wave invite (and the power to invite other people if Google holds true to form).

Easy enough?

Great! Leave a comment and I'll see you all Monday morning!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Mwahaha first person! I think...
    I am thankful for Google. (This should get me some good karma...right?)
    This is really generous of you, Liana! :D

  2. This year, I'm thankful for both parents still being with us. Mom is fighting liver and colon cancer and next year may be very different.

  3. Oh I've heard about this, but that it was waaaay hard to get access to it! Lucky girl for getting your hands on the feature!

    I am thankful for my health (and that of my family) and that I am surrounded by so many wonderful people, real life and online!

  4. I am thankful for my friends and family who stuck by me while my partner and I went through Hell after his father passed away suddenly. They let us mourn in peace until we were ready and then welcomed us back with open arms and no questions asked when we were ready. There is so much more I m thankful for, but this is the one that is a sticking point for me this year.

  5. I'm thankful for easy access to phones and internet so I can stay in touch with my family since I'm across the country this year. And friends like Sparky and her folks whom I'm staying with. B-)

  6. I have no idea what google wave is, but it sounds spectacular.
    Hmm, I am thankful for the friends we made while living overseas, but beyond grateful for the opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving once again with our family and friends here. I'm overjoyed that my children have adapted so well to all the changes throughout the last two years, all the travel, and going from homeschooling to regular school...and I'm so grateful for the support my family has always given us in all the choices we've made.

  7. Hello! I've linked to your blog (and have for awhile - definitely one of my daily reads, :) )

    I'm grateful for everything I've learned about writing online this year, and I'm grateful for the amazing people I've met while doing it.

  8. Oooo, I wanna enter! :D

    I'm thankful for the wonders of modern communication, which lets me live with my family, and be friends with people who live not less than one and a half time zones away.

  9. I'm thankful for laptops. I'd get nothing done if I weren't able to move my computer into a quieter room.

  10. If we have an invite already but want to send you a Google Wave, will you give us your address?