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Friday, October 16, 2009

This is why I have a crit partner...

- and you fulfill all those needs just by being, by filling the you-shaped hole in the universe that without you would just be black emptiness.
That your creative spirit and energy fill something missing in the world, and you are unique and special because of it, and that that bleeds through into your writing, onto your pages, and that all you need with your writing is time; not more goals, not higher goals, not better results or more achievement; Just. Time.

Some days it's very hard to be positive. With my back up against a deadline and feeling overwhelmed with life and future choices it was wonderful to wake up to this letter from my friend and crit partner.

There are times when it takes to much from an author to believe in themselves. It's too hard to wade through another draft, or another rejection letter, or another bad review. And that's when we need our Fan Club, those people who will believe in us even when we can't. I have my family, and my crit partner, who all think I'm fabulous even on the days I don't agree.

That gets me through the rough days so I climb back in front on my computer and can start taking the punches again.

In this case, the punches include finding out that the play I thought was dropped is being preformed December 12th AND December 19th by two different groups and they would very much like to see the final draft by this weekend... head -> desk. Guess what I'm working on today?


  1. I'm having that kind of 'difficult to believe in ones self' kind of week. knee deep in serious re-writes and I'm wondering where my story went. *sigh* it will get better.

  2. Good luck with the playwriting! Unexpected deadlines can be rough!

  3. Good news, but more work on the plate. Good luck--you can get er done, I know it!

  4. Holy cow! Good luck getting it done.

  5. Good luck! She's a great crit partner. :)