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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Random

Random Quiz of the Week:

You Are Australia

You are friendly, laid back, and casual. Not much gets under your skin.

You are an open book and very easy to talk to. You always have a great story to tell... you've been on many adventures.

You are highly independent and a bit of a loner. You have carved your own path in life, and you don't have many who want to join you on your voyage.

You are energetic and focused. You like to be productive, and you like to keep moving. You love being outdoors.

Random Decision of the Week:
I like cycles. I worked on my last WIP for about seven months before I finally tucked it away and said I needed time off. Now I've done the same with UDS. I need a break! I need distance to edit.

UDS is tucked away until further notice, probably December or January.

Random Fun of the Week:
DH has a four day weekend and we are planning a BBQ for Saturday night. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by!

Random Exert of the Week:
Arkadiy yanked the knife out of his thigh, threw it to the ground, and shifted forms. Between shapes his body quavered, it was almost to much. Almost. But he survived. Dropping to all fours he stretched his hind leg. Genes didn’t remember injury. Blood soaked the ground, but there was no other reminder.
Bounding into the night he chased his quarry.

So.... What's Your Random?


  1. You Are North America (Yay!)

    You are bold, assertive, and a real go getter. You don't mind taking charge of a situation... in fact, you prefer to lead.
    You believe that you deserve respect. You get annoyed when people point out your mistakes.(I'm ok with this except for the last bit. It's contradictory. Bold and assertive people don't mind being criticized.)

    You are more complicated than you seem, and you have many facets to your personality. You change quickly, and you're often misunderstood. (Hah... really?)

    To say you're power hungry is missing the point. You're also open to change, innovative, and successful. (Yes, def)

    Thanks for the quiz, Liana. That was fun. :)

  2. I'm Australia, too! AWESOME.

  3. Love the excerpt. "Genes didn't remember injury." Awesome.

    "You Are Antarctica
    You are tough, adventurous, and a survivor. You don't let your fears ever hold you back.
    You like to challenge yourself in all arenas. You want to see the world and make new discoveries.

    People seem you as distant and even cold... and you admit that this can be true at times.
    Your own dreams and thoughts are so interesting that they make most other people seem very dull."

    The last paragraph may be close to truth, but not for the reasons mentioned. Quite the opposite. I'd rather listen to other people's opinions and ideas, as I often feel mine aren't interesting enough. Cold best describes my physical state of being rather than my mental. LOL. *brr*

  4. You Are Europe
    You are old fashioned, a true romantic, and an idealist. You sometimes wish you could freeze time and that the world would stop changing.
    You appreciate quality over quantity, and you try your best to live the good life.

    You appreciate good art, good food, good wine, and good company more than most people you know.
    You remember and honor the past. You believe that culture should be preserved and appreciated.

    Heh, true enough :D