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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Homework for Today

The opening chapter of UDS is under the microscope and giving me fits.

On the advice of a friend I'm analyzing opening chapters. Yes, I know, I did that the other week. I'm doing it again. Reading a good opening, scribbling ideas for my opening. Reading - scribbling - reading - scribbling....

I'm going to set my hair on fire any moment now.

Throw some ideas at me people!

What would work?

How could the chapter open?
· Kit working out
· Kit in the boardroom
· Kit and Edward arguing
· Khal playing cards
· Kit and Beka talking
· Explosion
· Knives being drawn
· Song
· T-E’s dinner proposal
· Someone sinister lurking
· Eyeballs floating in a jar
· Gens meeting
· Flowers on a desk


  1. Knives being drawn or explosions are the only options that interest me from the list. ;)

  2. i'm with merc. you want to start in the middle of something exciting!

  3. How about, Kit working out next to a jar of eyeballs. She sees a person lurking outside the window and suddenly there's an explosion outside, and the lurking man slams himself through her window, coming at her with a huge knife...

    Did that help?;)

  4. I see votes for explosions. I can do explosions!

    Coffeelvnmom - That's actual a plausible scenario for this book. :o)

  5. It's plausible huh? Wow. I'm good. (And well, you're good too! LOL!) Maybe it's because we have the same last name. We're just...good.;)