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Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Random

Random Weight of the Week: 11.25 - that's how much my one-month old weighs.

Random Writing of the Week:
Very random. I've been juggling multiple projects again. I know, I promised I'd quit. I fell off the wagon!

Next week I'm going to prioritize my writing projects so I'm not trying to write them all at once.

Random Persuasion of the Week: My daughter came home and proudly announced that Obi-Wan Kenobi had turned into a butterfly.

I know, I was surprised too.

It turns out Eldest convinced her entire class to name the classroom caterpillar after the Star Wars character. How? Why? I have no clue. She's just persuasive like that.

Random Reading of the Week:
The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy by Ludlum.

I love these books! This is actually my second attempt to read them. I love the movies but the first time the books were a little scary. They are set in the cold war, not modern as I think of it, and the politics and history are daunting. You need to understand things like Britain used to hold Hong Kong until 1997. I think I slept through that bit of history class.

But the books are fantastic once you get your geo-political bearings. Ludlum thinks in twisty knots and I adore him for it.

Random Debate of the Week:
This one was a bit odd, but some friend's and I were discussing what is Science Fiction and what is Science Fiction Romance? Where do you draw the line? Does a kiss make it romance? What about flirting?

I think there's a gray area where books can appeal to avid fans of both strict sci-fi and SFR. It's the area I aim to write in.

So........What's your random?


  1. I know one qualification for SFR (or any romance for that matter) is a happy ending. You can have plenty of flirting and kissing, but if the MMC and the FMC don't end up together in the end, then it's not a Romance.

  2. I thought SFR was basically romance set in SF, so yeah, it requires a HEA ending and a focus on the relationship/romance as much or more than the SF aspects... but I don't know, I don't read it much. ;)

    My random--stayed home sick from work (seriously pissed at this) but I'm making myself write while taking the laptop to bed. (No, not THAT way...) :P

  3. random activity of the day: putting clear nail polish on my 18-month old's mosquito bites, blowing on them to dry before she swiped at me.

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  4. 11.5 lbs at one month? How adorable! I bet you are always kissing his cutie pie cheeks :)

    My random: 7 - as in loads of laundry done today. ugh.

  5. She's got great debate skills! Go Star Wars

    My random: yogurt and cereal make a good breakfast.