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Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Changes- Sorry!

So, like an idiot, I started fiddling with my original template without saving first and managed to erase my template. So, I'm starting over and have yet to find out how to insert the pretty boxes behind the words so you can actually read everything.

I'm working on it.

If you know how to get the opaque boxes behind the text let me know.


  1. As long as the text is white, I can read fine. :)

    I discovered how to float text boxes behind the text by accident. And would have to experiment to remember how I did that.

    Which isn't helpful.

    Good luck!

    I like the starscape anyway.

  2. If you remember how to float the text box, let me know. I'm still fiddling with it, but I'm getting off the computer in a few minutes and won't be back to fix until tomorrow.

    Sorry, again. I know not everyone loves reading white text on a dark background. :-(

  3. It looks like putting this style in the stylsheet will fix your boxes:

    #main-wrapper {
    border:1px solid #999999;

    Here is a cached version of your old site, which I used to find the old styles (and you can use for the rest):

    If you use firfox, you can download Firebug add-on, which has an "inspect" button in it. You can use that to analyze any element of the page (old or new) and see what the styles are.

    Feel free to drop by my site (www.michaelwulf.com) and click on the "chat with wulf" link if you'd like some help.

  4. Wulf- Kisses! You're my hero!

    Trying to fix it was only making it worse >.<

  5. I think if you have the background set (starscape), your next step is to go to "Pick New Template". So click "Customize" + Pick new template + and click and option that works for you. This will just be for the face that goes on top of the background (starscape). I picked rounders for my blog.

  6. Not perfect, but improving.

    Wulf- Do you know how to make the sidebar colors different than the main wrappers colors?