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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just To Ruin My Day

Slight rant here...

I just got a friendly note in the mail from our local internet provider. The bill as of September is going up to $100 a month for just internet.

And they are the only ones who provide internet out here. I've been calling people all morning trying to find another provider. So far, no luck. I can get phone service, but no internet service except for the fabulous monopoly who thinks $100 a month is reasonable.


As much as I love blogs, platforms, and chatting with friends I can do that from the library computer for free. I really can't do it in pj's while eating a sandwich, but I free is free.

However, if anyone has a brilliant suggestion on how to get reasonably priced internet in the boondocks let me know!


  1. Who is your cell-phone provider? Verizon Wireless offers aircard internet service for $60 a month...internet anywhere you get cellphone service.

  2. Demorro- cell service down here is hit or miss. We're a few miles out of dead zone. But I'll see if they can try :o) Thanks.

  3. That is ridiculous. I only pay 30$ a month! I'm also not in the boondocks. Hopefully Verizon can help, because yes, as DeMorro says, there are ways to get Internet through cell service.

  4. I too have a internet provider who has monopolized the area. I hate it.

  5. DeMorro- You are my new personal hero!

    Verizon not only owes me a new phone (bwhahaha) but if I get the right one and pay $15 a month I can plug it into the lap top and have internet again.

    $15 internet sounds awesome!

  6. Whatever you do, do not get an AT&T data card. I had one for ten months until I vehemently cancelled my service. they charged me almost $2,000 for overage charges. These charges were not talked about in the contract or by the person who sold it to me. Not only that but my monthly bills had no listings of overage charges.

    Try Verizon. I did!