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Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Travel

What: Time Travel

Created By: Samuel Madden in 1773 in the early sci-fi novel Memoirs of the Twentieth Century

Other Places You Can Find Time Travel: The first book that pops into mind is the fantasy Rhapsody. H.G. Wells the Time Machine. And, of course, the new Star Trek movie. Several TV series have hit on the idea too. And the Wikkipedia has a historical list of books that involve time travel in some form starting with Madden's.

Is Time Travel Possible? Of course!

You can forward in time as much as you like! As long as you don't mind going one day at a time like the rest of the universe.

If you want to move your personal time differently than the rest of the universe things get murky and theoretical. We people like Stephen Hawkings arguing it can't happen because it hasn't happened yet (no futuristic tourists ya see).

Others argue it could happen, all the futuristic tourists are hiding.

If you happen to be a futuristic tourist born after 2010 C.E. please leave a note on the blog. :o)

How Would it Work? Do you remember my early post about warp drives? Time travel might work like that.


There are several groups of thought on time travel....
1) Like a warp drive, you pick up a person or object and isolate it in the spacetime continuum and move that patch of space.

2) Wormholes, those fascinating if illusive things, might move you in time. Relatively. Possibly not. You don't know until you dive into one praying that it won't turn out to be a black hole in disguise. You'd be amazed how many volunteers we *don't* have for this project.

3) Black holes. Dive in and if your matter isn't compressed to a point so dense even light can't escape you might be transferred to some other point in the spacetime continuum. See Wormholes for why this theory isn't being tested.

4) Faster than Light travel. There's a really old episode of Superman where the Man of Steel flies around the Earth going opposite the regular rotation to travel back in time. In theory, sure. Try running really fast and let us know how it goes...

5) Cosmic strings - hypothetical 1-dimensional (spatially) topological defect in various fields.... well, there's a lot of math here. Let's say, someone had a nice theory, it looks good, and it's a bit over my head without a physics book nearby. Cosmic string theory could lead to time travel. But it's complicated. Enough said.

Will We Ever Be Able to Travel through Time: Anything is possible, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The BIG Question is...... If you could travel to any point in time where would you be headed and how would you prepare?

Personally, I'm a shark fan and I would love to go back to the time of the dinosaurs and study Carcharodon megalodon. Why? Because it's huge and we don't know much about it.

I'd also jump at the chance to SCUBA dive Europa, but that's just me. (Yes, Europa, not Europe. There is a difference. The air quality is notably different for one thing...)

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  1. Technically, time travel does happen today. Just go to a different time zone. :P

  2. I'm from the year 2098.

    Icecream rules the world! Mwahahahahaaaa!

  3. LOL, I love this post, and the comments are priceless. Thanks everyone for the grins.

  4. Nice post, Lei! I should have known your time travel would have something to do with sharks!

  5. Actually, you can travel into the future at a rate faster than normal. The theory of, I think relativity, is such that if you hop on a space ship and head straight out from earth, then turn around and come back, less time will have elapsed for you than will have for people on earth. It's long and complicated, but that's the gist of the theory.

    Mucho coolness.

  6. Calling John Titor...
    If you're out there, please leave a comment.