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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Random

Random Test of the Week: Test My Brain "Gut Math"... you spend 5-15 minutes looking at dots and guessing if the picture that flashed has more yellow dots or more blue dots.

I know I hit the wrong key at least 3 times, but I still hit the 84th percentile. Hooray! I can pass a math class! Maybe...

Go take the test yourself and help science understand the human brain.

Random Reason Why Posts Have Been Infrequent This Week:
I drove 500 miles in four days going to and from the doctor. Not all the visits were for baby. But Friday, I'll be going back again. And with 9 weeks left of pregnancy I'm scheduled to see my doctor 3 times a week until Baby Boy arrives.

I may lose my mind.

Random Excerpt from my WIP this Week: I've never actually posted any of my book up here. And with a few drafts between here and queryland (and another ten between query and publication) I know this probably won't make the final cut.... but here's something for fun:

Her eyes dropped lower, looking for the tell-tale crease, and there it was. Gerrard was carrying a weapon. She doubted anyone in the gym was carrying, out of common courtesy most people left their weapons in the gym lockers, if they were wealthy enough to afford one at all. “Right. I’m going. I just wanted to change-“

“You can strip in the back of the car if you want.” His fried-egg eyes lit up with hope.

“And wear what? All my clothes are in the locker room,” Kit said, exasperated. Had the idiot never been to gym? Gerrard was trim, but that could just as easily be gene manipulation and elective surgery as a five-day-a-week work out regime.

“Get in the car.” He grabbed her shoulder, fingers digging in to bruise. Gerrard was like Edward, he took pleasure from pain. When he pushed her toward the doors she went without resistance. Fighting would only make it worse.

The double doors to the gym slid apart silently, opening up the fetid world of downtown Tresity in the sweltering, humid, heat that signaled the start of summer. One step into the summer and she missed the quiet, cool, filtered air that didn’t taste like it had already been in someone’s mouth. The sound of shuttles taking off from the spaceport competed with the noise of air traffic and squalid people fighting for seats on the public transports.

No one in their right mind lingered outside during the summer months.

Random Additional Blog of the Week: Besides Book Faire, and my private book blog, I'm now also contributing to a cooking blog. Blattersplotch.... I haven't actually posted anything yet. And I'll probably cheat and put up recipes I've already posted. But, if you're the kind of person who likes good food, keep your eyes open.

I'll even take requests if there's a special dish you're dying to try. :o)

Random Cuteness of the Week:
I love to have my kids in the kitchen with me. I want them to be able to feed themselves when they head off for college (in what... 11 years?). I just didn't realize quite how precocious my 4-year old was.

Wednesday I promised her we'd back cookies after naps.

She didn't forget.

In fact, she went so far as to start putting butter, eggs, and flour into a bowl and stirring before I managed to get control of cookie production. The sugar is in the baby-locked pantry and I think she would have forgotten the baking soda entirely. Although she remembered vanilla on her own.

The recipe wasn't 100% exact, but the cookies are delicious!

Random Writing Progress of the Week:
I'm on chapter 25 with nine scenes left to write.

Maybe.... I'm thinking some of the scenes I love are going to get cut. But I may write them first and then cull the herd.

Random Edited Word Count of the Week:
54,000 as of Chapter 18.

So...... what's your random?


  1. Recipe blog sounds great! Looks like youngest could be joining in with her own adapted recipes...very cute!

  2. I love how determined your little girl was. Kids and cookies go well together.

  3. Whee! Fun random :)

    Unfortunately the brain test isn't working for me - the practice one worked just fine, but I get to the actual test and I can only see every fifth set of dots or so. Not fair :(

    Still. Fun. :)