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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Random

Random Question: Where have I been?

Monday was my 7th wedding anniversary and DH had the week off work. We spent some time hanging out with our two girls and catching up.

Random Question #2: What are those extra blogs all over your profile.

Well, one is still Top Secret. So secret we don't even have an official name yet. The other is a book review site that I've joined with friends called Book Faire. It should be up and running by Monday.

Book Faire

Random Writing Progress of the Week: I'm up to chapter 19 or 20 writing, and editing through 18 right now. How much I cut during editing will define what number chapter I'm actually on.

Random Promise of the Week:
I'll be back to posting regularly next week. :o) Promise! I just needed some time for family this week and didn't plan ahead and any posts in advance. Now, I'm feeling refreshed and enthused and much more creative. Vacation is a good thing!

Random Reading This Week: I had a good stack of books this past week: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Relentless: Lost Fleet Book Five, and Magic Lost Trouble Found.

I have to admit, I devoured the Lost Fleet book and was a little slower with the rest. P&P&Z is good but it still lacks explosions. If I ever find a way to cross-breed Ludlum, Austen, and Campbell into a workable manuscript, I'll let you know.

Lisa Shearin's books is good too... I picked it up yesterday and I'm a good way in. It just took me longer to warm up to the fantasy landscape. Something about being down a gravity well no doubt.

So.... what's your random?


  1. Squeals! Delighted you've had a break, with family time. You need a break.

    Happy you're liking Lisa's book!

    Friday random: I had indian for dinner last night.

  2. I've really been wanting to read P&P & Zombies. Despite lack of explosions, is it worth reading?

  3. Down time is so important - glad you had a relaxing week.

    friday random: the peas and corn in my garden are poking their little green heads out of the earth.

  4. It's nice to have family time. Congrats for making it happen.

    Friday random: The sound of someone else besides me vacuuming my house is heaven.

  5. My plan is to stay calm and relaxed...wake me when it's summer.

  6. Now I feel all left out of both your special blogs. Why don't I have 10 extra hours to do stuff??? I look forward to your review site! I know all those involved will make it super spectacular!

  7. Glam- 10 extra hours? What extra hours? Sweetie, we've learned to magically stop time for everyone but ourselves. I take an extra 36 hours a day to get things done. That's why I look so much older than you.

    Yuna- It was good. I ordered book 2. :o)

    Anna Claire- I'm enjoying it. If Jane Austen had been a crazed zombie fan I think she'd like it too. It's a very tongue-in-cheek style.

    Tess- I still think the guy in your picture is Spike from Buffy, maybe it's just the profile...

    T. Anne- It's summer here! Completely with broken AC, 90 degree temps, and summer rain storms.

    Lotus- when they're done cleaning there, send 'em my way!